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Tax Answers for You!

2018 New Tax Law information (summary)

Our growth through referrals is the best compliment!

Alternative Min Tax


Auto/Vehicle use for business info (see mileage log)

Business Entity Comparisons

Business Entity Pros & Cons

Business Financing Info - Don't co-mingle funds

Business Inventory info

Business Mgmt Tips & Ideas

Business Owners' and how they get paid

Business Buy-Sell Agreements

Cancellation of Debt

Capital Gains & Losses

Capital Gains - stock options / same day sales

Cash/Check Donations

NonCash Donations

Crowdfunding Info

Child/Dependent Support Rules

Divorce Tax Issues

Employee or Contractor?

Engagement Summary & Privacy Policy

Estate Planning, Wills, Probate

Employee Reimbursements

Farm Expenses

Farm Income

Farm Inventory issues

Farm Vehicles & Assets

Individual Filing Status definitions

Form 1099 Filing rules

Fringe Benefits - taxable or not?

Higher Education Tax Related Issues

FBAR (Foreign Asset Issues/reporting requirements)

HSA accounts

High-Income Individual Tax issues

Hobby or Business?

"Nanny Tax" issues (any household employees)

Obamacare Uninsured Penalty for 2018

Health Care Premium Tax Care Credit reconciliation

IDentity Theft & your tax return

Individual (1040) 2018 General Tax Organizer

IRA - Distributions for Qualified Charitable Contributions

IRA - Traditional - basic information

Itemized Deduction info for Homeowners

Itemized Deduction - Interest Expense info

Itemized Deductions - State income and Prop tax issues

Itemized or Standard - which is best?

Kiddie Tax rules

LLCs - tax and reporting info

LYFT or Uber (on-demand drivers) tax info

Mileage & Exp log - info for employees and self-employed

Mulit-state taxation (W2s, self-employed, landlords, K1s etc)

Newlyweds - Tax considerations

Real-Estate Professionals - definitions and rules

Rental Income & Exp for Landlords

Rentals - VRBO, AirBnB, short-term or temporary

S-corp tax organizer and outline

S-corporation information and tax issues

Sale of Principal Residence (your main home)

Same-Sex Couples and Marriage tax issues

Self-Employment (SMLLC or SoleProprietor) Business Tax Organizer

Self-Employment Tax issues

Social Security tax issues (what is taxable or not?)

2018 Corporate tax law changes - summary

2018 Excess Business Exp and Net Operating Loss changes

2018 Individual Tax issues and changes

Tax Facts and Figures

Tax Scams!! - Be smart and protect yourself

Got an IRS letter?

Do you owe taxes but can't pay in full? Please call us.

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